My interest lies in the systems – both physical and conceptual – that direct our daily actions, discourse, and interactions. Often I create environments or sculptures that approach my subjects formally, exploring movement and interaction in abstracted or theatrical formats so as to uncover unexpected parallels between different fields of knowledge. Projects I am currently developing include an examination of the relationship between community and corporation to uncover the ambiguities between personal intentions and professional outcomes; another draws associations between dance, telecommunications, and biological systems through the framework of complexity theory to consider how complex systems generate new forms of knowledge.

Adopting an aesthetic that lies between the minimalism of conceptualism and the hyper-reality of science fiction, I often work with materials – translucent plastic, interactive lights, video, or text – whose physical presence is diminished, reinforcing the theatrical or fantastical aspects of these investigations and opening a space for the irrational. Presented as immersive installations, partial stage sets, or fragmented narratives, my installations serve as sites of inquiry for the viewer; in discovering the narratives implied by these items, the viewer not only uncovers the observations that motivate me but also forms his/her own associations to uncover the interconnectedness of seemingly disparate aspects of our socio-cultural fabric.