Art History & Curation

Modern and Contemporary Art and Media Through an Asianist Lens


Working in museums, for-profit and non-profit galleries, universities, and freelance as a curator, writer, and translator


I have worked on projects ranging from new commissions of emerging artists and socially engaged projects to historical surveys and retrospectives, and I have worked with and addressed artists from various geographical and cultural backgrounds

strategies For

Re-examining visual culture

Modern & Contemporary Art

Writing and curation that covers a range of topics in the broad field of global modern & contemporary art history, but through the perspective gained from sustained engagement with histories of modernity in Asia.

Media studies

Research and writing that focuses on video, inter-media, and post-studio art practices in the context of information industries, institutional structures, and social media. Pedagogy that engages with reproductive media and techniques across time

Modernity in Asia

Writing that interrogates assumptions of universalism in modernity through the specificity of art and media practices in Asia. Teaching that addresses histories of modern art and social structures of modernity in Japan, Korea, China, and India


Research and curation that seeks connections across disciplinary divides through collaboration. Writing that delves into the nuances of artists' collaborations with individuals and communities within and beyond the art world.

Golbal Asias

Projects that consider Asia as both location and identity, bringing area studies into conversation with diaspora studies, while recognizing the ways in which these approaches diverge.

Architecture & Urbanism

Exhibitions and texts that examine the role of the built environment in society, and the ways artists work with communities to respond to urban forms.

Social Engagement

Stemming from the belief that art is an integral means through which social change is enacted, pedagogy, curation, and writing that addresses artists' intentional engagements with specific communities around problems created by social inequities.

Critical Translation Studies

Research and writing that engages with linguistic translation, media translation, and the politics of translation as generators of artistic innovation.

Media & Ecology

Research and collaboration that addresses intersections between human effects on the natural environment and the dynamics of media systems through the material impacts of mass media, alternative media, and social media.


media literacy

I hope to promote a more critical stance toward our image-inundated world:
one in which we become aware of
the messages conveyed and hierarchies created
by the visual culture that surrounds us,
allowing us to take ownership of our responses to the society in which we move.

Art History